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The term reshoring refers to the act of returning the design and manufacturing of your product to the United States of America. Many companies as well as individuals believe they will receive a twenty to thirty percent savings by outsourcing to China, Mexico, Singapore or other nations. What is not recognized up front are the hidden costs. An imported product requires shipping to an American port. From there a customs broker is required to have your shipment cleared for entry into the United States. From U.S. Customs "local" shipping is required to get your product into your own warehouse. With this are the questions of shipping. Will the shipment from offshore arrive on time ? Will there be a storm at sea or perhaps a shipper strike or even a port workers strike which will make delivery to your end customer late. Additionally there are questions about the quality of foreign produced products. Will your product be assembled with grey or black market components? Will etchants be washed from your pc boards before a solder mask is applied? Will the assembled pc boards be washed of all residues ? Will your plastic enclosures be free of cosmetic and structural defects? These items and more can quickly erode and surpass your anticipated savings. Offshoring can cause loss of sales resulting in financial disaster.

Additionally reshoring will give American people jobs. Jobs which will allow earning of a fair salary. The earnings will be spent on products which would otherwise not be purchased. This will result in more sales and profits for your company.


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